Dog Boarding Services Near Gainesville and Lakecity


Pet Boarding Charges


Boarding charges begin when a pet arrives, regardless of time of day. There is no charge for the day the pet leaves if picked up by 11 a.m. except Sundays.


During peak boarding times there is a three day stay required to reserve the boarding space. Peak times are Memorial Day to Labor Day, "bank holidays," and any other major holiday. We require a five-day minimum stay for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Our policy is a 72 hour notice for cancelling or changing dates reserved.


Pet Boarding Rates


Dog Boarding Rates

0-25 pounds $38.00

26 pounds and up $42.00


2nd dog $35.00



Cat Boarding Rates

$25.00 daily

second cat $22.00



We may also provide pick up and delivery. Contact us for more information.









We recommend owners bring their own food for both dogs and cats to avoid GI upset. We suggest you label and individually package each meal. We can also cook for your pet if desired. It's important to instruct us on you pet's feeding habits so we can maintain a consistent routine.  


Medication and Medical Treatment


If your pet(s) requires medication, we will be happy to administer medications you provide. We ask that you leave a phone number(s) where we can reach you with questions or in the event of an emergency. If the need should arise for a trip to the veterinarian, we have a vet on call and we ask your authorization to transport your pet. (You will be asked to sign permission slips for this.)  Owners are responsible for all veterinary charges, as well as transportation fee.















Tel : 352-538-9431    Text: 352-538-9431  Email: Address:               578 SE Brawley Ter, High Springs, Fl 32643

Pet Boarding and Pet Daycare hours:



9:00-11:00 am

4:00- 6:00 pm



4:00- 6:00 pm


Dog Boarding/ Dog Daycare Rate:

0-25lb           $38.00

26lb +           $42.00

2nd dog       $35.00




Cat Boarding /Cat Daycare Rate:

Daily            $25.00  

2nd cat         $22.00


Regular Dog Bath: 

from $15 and up

Coated Dogs: 

from $20 and up

Dexluxe Bath:

from $26 and up

Coated Dogs:

from $35 and up





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